What is NASH?

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Where Can I Find More Information about NASH?

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If you were told you have fatty liver disease, it's possible for the problem to progress to NASH - a more serious disease.

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What is NASH?

Fatty liver disease happens in stages. The first is fatty liver, where there’s a buildup of fat in the liver. Some people with fatty liver can develop a more severe form of the disease called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH. This happens when the fat in your liver becomes toxic to you, killing liver cells and making the liver inflamed. As the liver reacts to these changes, it gets scarred (fibrosis). NASH can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, the need for a transplant, and even death.


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90% of people with NASH don't know they have it. We’re trying to change that so people can learn about their risk before more dangerous liver damage occurs.

Be Your Liver's #1 Fan

In 2022, a group of NASH patient advocates came together to develop ideas for a “Patient Service Announcement” video that would reach the many Americans who may be aware they have fatty liver disease or NASH, but don’t fully understand their risk. Not everyone with fatty liver disease will progress to serious complications, but some do. Many of the patient advocates who participated were told by their primary care physicians “don’t worry, you just have a fatty liver” as they were progressing to advanced liver disease and, in some cases, liver cancer and liver transplant.

The patient advocates’ personal experiences and desire to encourage others to take control of their liver health inspired a creative idea for the Patient Service Announcement video campaign:
Be Your Liver's #1 Fan

Meet Olivia, Her Liver’s #1 Fan

Olivia is her Liver’s #1 Fan. She understands the importance of liver health because of her personal experience struggling with NASH and going through a liver transplant. 

Olivia wants to get the word out about NASH risk and the dangers of liver scarring, even if that means bringing up liver health in unexpected settings. In the Patient Service Announcement video, we will follow Olivia over the course of the day as she tries to help people in her neighborhood. Not everyone is ready for Olivia’s message, but she’s determined to make connections and help others who might be struggling with NASH be their Liver’s #1 Fan.

Who Else is a Fan?

Several patient groups, including the Global Liver Institute, the Fatty Liver Foundation and NASH kNOWledge participated in the brainstorm sessions that inspired the campaign, along with Terri, Jennifer, Susan, Jane and other members of the patient community.

During the first brainstorm session, a story that Terri shared about a chance encounter she had with a person who was just recently diagnosed with fatty liver disease provided the creative spark that led to the Be Your Liver’s #1 Fan character.

Madrigal Pharmaceuticals has provided financial support for the project, but the Patient Service Announcement campaign does not focus on pharmaceutical treatments for NASH.

Where Can I Find More Information about NASH?

It’s not always easy to find accurate information about NASH online, but these websites might be helpful if you are looking for education and support:


Hear from Others in the NASH Community

Did you know that NASH is the #1 cause of liver transplant among women in America? Experts think it could soon be the leading cause in men as well.

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